The New Brand You Beverly Hills Book AwardFeatured in Shelf Unbound Magazine as one of the Top 100 Notable Indie books of 2016

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Beverly Hills Book Award Winner, The New Brand You:

You want people to recognize you, like you, and trust you, so they buy from you.

You may have already branded yourself with this in mind but perhaps you’re not getting the desired results.

Many people think that branding is about cool logos, fancy websites and social media popularity. But this line of thought causes potential successes to fail.

So what does work? In The New Brand You, Julie Broad, MBA, bestselling author, popular speaker, and award winning entrepreneur, shares the secrets of creating a trusted brand.You’ll learn what is critical in reinventing your personal brand, and why you may never have to tweet, pin or post to do it.

Did you know that …?

  • Your brand is first of all about the feelings, thoughts and experiences of your customers and clients.
  • There are at least 42 common communication mistakes that dilute your message, and
  • There are only two things you have to do to have a brand with big impact.
  • Online, you are who Google says you are … so are you on top of that message?

The New Brand You is your detailed guidebook to successfully recreating your brand and attracting your ideal clients.


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More than Cashflow: The Real Estate Risks & Rewards of Profitable Real Estate Investing

more-than-cash-flowThis book debuted at #1 overall on and continues to top the charts for real estate investing books on Amazon in Canada. In 2014, the book took home an International Book Award.

It’s Time You Know the Truth About Investing in Real Estate

  • Earn $10,000 per month in passive income!
  • Buy as many properties as you can with none of your own money or credit!
  • Sandwich leases or wholesale deals are your ticket to fast cash.
  • Leverage as much debt as you can and borrow money from friends and family!
  • Only buy properties in markets that are poised for massive growth.

You may have already figured out that these are just a few of the myths being passed off as truths in the real estate industry. You know it’s not as easy nor as fast to make money with real estate as some people would have you believe. You’ve also probably also realized most advice is generic and not at all applicable to your specific life situation. But what is important for you? What is the truth you need to know?

Surrounded by real stories of what it’s actually like to make mistakes and make money as an investor, after reading this book you’re going to know:

  • Whether you should quit your job and become a full time real estate investor, or just find a new job.
  • Exactly what’s at stake when you make choices about where you’re going to invest, who you’re going to work with and what strategies you’re going to use. This could save your marriage and your closest relationships. It will definitely save you from doing the wrong deals.
  • How to fund as many deals as you want to do, without jeopardizing your relationships with loved ones or ever asking someone to borrow their money.

This book is finally going to give you the answers you really need to use real estate to create the life you want to live … if you still want to buy property after Julie tells you the whole truth.


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