"Could it be possible ...

To finally feel in control of your day, build a name people know & trust, AND make money having an impact on others?"

  • From: Julie Broad

  • Nanaimo, BC

  • Opens March 7th, 2016

Do you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do to create and grow your business? Does it feel like the people in your life just don't get what you're trying to do?
It can feel frustrating, and even a little lonely at times ... but it doesn't have to.
When you have the right systems in place, the steps to follow, and a great support team, it can be fun and exciting to build your brand and grow a business that helps you create an ideal day for you and your family.
How would you like to be in group with 10 other action takers … all getting  simple steps to build your brand so you're the trusted and recognized authority in your market, create business systems so you get more done in less time each and every week, and build an income and life you’re going to love living?
If you have been talking about getting serious about building your brand and growing your business for months, possibly years, but you’re not getting where you want to go AND you're ready to STOP talking and START doing ... then this could be for you.

        If you qualify ...

Here's the thing ... my coaching clients get a priority spot on my schedule for one on one calls. I share 'behind the scenes' secrets that I don't share publicly. And, I am available via email whenever they need me.

As a result, I can only work with a small number of people each year. Because of that limitation I focus on working with the people who will get the best results from my expertise, support and coaching.

If you're not ready for massive action yet ... this is not for you. One of my group courses might be right for you to learn and move forward as it suits you. Or, you can wait to see if I offer this mastermind in 2017.

But, if you are ready to make a huge leap forward ... ready to step into the spotlight and get your name out there ... this could be perfect for you!

This is a fully customized program - tailored specifically to your goals. This is the most carefully designed, personalized and comprehensive mentoring program you'll find, run by someone who is truly dedicated and committed to your success.

The Goal is simple: RESULTS

This is about tapping into that deep desire you have to create something important for you and for your family, AND making it happen through practical and proven steps that you'll take to create success.

It's not about positive thinking. It's about action.

It's not about making you feel good with inspiring stories. It's not about patting you on the back for almost getting where you want to go. It's about pushing you to be as great as you can be, taking pointed and focused steps so you feel exhileration when you accomplish something cool.

If you want a coach who always makes you feel good - that's not me.

Sometimes, to help you grow I have to make you a little uncomfortable. If you don't get uncomfortable, you will not get where you want to go.

I am your biggest fan - I have your back. If you want someone to be in your corner ... that is me. I will also tell you what you need to hear - even when it's not what you want to hear.

This is set up for optimal results in 6 months.

This isn't you working with a coach I've trained - this is you and me working side by side for six months to plan out what YOU need to do, handle any setbacks that come up together, and celebrate when things do work.

First thing we will do together is design a plan to create massive momentum.

To begin you'll complete a comprehensive assessment document to get started. It's called Genesis. This is where we begin.

Once that is complete, we will spend 60 minutes on the phone together - just you and I - to dive into a plan focused on what you need to do next to start building momentum.

We'll agree on your most important objectives for the six months and then we'll set to work planning your first project. From there we'll agree on your specific action items to each week for the month.

Each week you will send a check in email - direct to me - to let me know what you did and did not complete in the past week. You'll highlight any challenges and note your successes. I'll reply ... and you'll get back to work!

If you need a fire under your backside - this is it. You have to answer to me every week.

Every month we'll speak to plan out the next month.

Plus - if you get stuck - you'll be able to book a 30 minute one on one call to speak with me. You'll always have access to my schedule so you can book a call if you need a pick me up.

That's right - you'll be a priority appointment in my calendar whenever you need me.

I'll show you PRECISELY what to do to overcome the big obstacles you're facing, gain confidence and ultimately get where you want to go.

It's Not Just About Money

Money is important ...and I want you to build a business that generates a great income for you and your family and moves you towards your financial goals. I also want you to have time for those that you love.

One of the biggest challenges investors and entrepreneurs face is that they feel like they don't have enough time to do everything they want to do.

They think they need balance.

Balance is not really the solution. What they need are focus and clear priorities.

You can't do everything at once. You have to make choices. That feeling like you're never done is because you aren't clear on what must be done.

That's where support, guidance and clear step by step action items help clear your schedule for what is absolutely most important to you.

There are times where you have to step back and focus on family. There are times when you have to push hard to build your business. It's not always easy to see when you need to do what ... without a unbiased eye watching over.

Time strapped people are often chasing money around, complicating their business and adding income streams that have no economies of scale for them. Time becomes an even bigger concern and family gets less and less focus.

You don't have time to waste on the WRONG opportunities. You need to maximize the results you're getting from the hours you're investing. Every hour spent is not the same ...

I'm not just satisfied with you making money. That's nice, but it's not enough.

I want you to create a life you want to live. A life where Monday is as exciting as Friday.

Sometimes you have to choose whether you're going to make more money or you're going to have time. You can't always have both. I will help you understand when you're making that choice ...

A lot of entrepreneurs and investors are making money but they are also miserable. I'm not interested in helping you bring in quick cash if that's not going to help you have the life you actually want to live. I turn away a lot of coaching clients because they are solely focused on making massive amounts of money in a very short period of time. It may be possible to do that, but it's not probable. It also probably doesn't solve the problem that you really need solved.

My approach is to help you build momentum so over time every step gets easier. You will find yourself building authority and a profile that builds your business for you. It's sustainable.

It doesn't happen over night and it absolutely takes effort, but you can set up your business so that's the end result. Your phone rings and your inbox fills with business opportunities and you never cold call anyone.

And while it doesn't happen over night, if you consistently do the right things you can get there within 12 - 24 months.

What Some of My Clients Will Tell You

Jeff Trapp (JeffTrapp.ca) started his own real estate club and just stepped off the Investor Forum Stage in Regina after being their MC and Panel Host. He says: "Julie Broad's intense credibility and her willingness to assist others who are also "the real deal" is what sets her apart from the other "elite" coaches and instructors. When Julie Broad is speaking on a subject you better take notice - she's done the research and hardest work so you can do it the easier way."

Zander Robertson (zanderrobertson.com) is a busy ghostwriter who couldn't take on any more writing clients, but still wanted to be able to help people who wanted to write a book. He says, " Whether it's relationship building, outsourcing, management, leadership, writing, speaking, or strategy, I always rely on Julie's help to guide me through challenges.
Thanks Julie Broad for being awesome

Gillian Irving is now a Toronto media and speaking sensation, and has joined forces with two other female investors and entrepreneurs to help other Mom's out there create a business that gets them home with their families more...  She's making an income and a big impact!

These are the kind of things you could accomplish if you want to.

"Working with Julie is unlike any other training or coaching I have experienced.  She knows how to ask pointed questions, offers specific step-by-step instructions, unlimited support, encourages informed decision making and really cares about my success as an author and entrepreneur.  Thanks to her guidance, I know my book is going to be far more marketable and useful to the people I want to impact the most"

Lurline Henriques, Toronto, ON

Your Personalized Momentum Action Plan Includes:

Here's Our Guarantee

We stand behind our promise.
You are welcome to speak to our past clients.
But ... if you do nothing you will get nothing.
We ONLY want serious action takers.
If you're not serious don't sign up.
There are no refunds for inaction.

Six Months of Momentum for Influencers is
 $6,197 + tax
or 8 Monthly Payments of $825 + tax.

Wishing you much success and happiness. I can't wait to get started.

~ Julie

p.s. Here's what Tracy Ma (financialnirvanamama.com) had to say:
"Since reaching out to Julie, I launched my website, have started a podcast on iTunes, have authored several articles for Canadian Real Estate Wealth, am guest posting on some other cool blogs in Canada and am now coaching other mom investors to help them reach their own financial nirvana. Coaching with Julie was fantastic, and a BIG shortcut to getting where I wanted to go. My time with Julie was invaluable to my growth!"

p.p.s Not sure this is right for you? A call will be set up with EVERY APPLICANT before your spot is confirmed, so you can go ahead and register knowing that if it's not a fit 100% will be refunded to you within 24 hours of us speaking. But ... if you want to speak first, please complete this form and we'll get on the phone: